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Józsa János has won the title of national and team championship several times, both short and medium term, with both young and old pigeons. With countless placements, Champion pigeons, multiple performances at the Olympics, and three Master Fancier titles

József Kóczián is one of the best Hungarian pigeon fanciers, he has multiple federal Champion titles and a number of national ace-pigeons. In the past years he also won many Loft Champion titles at Galamb Derby - Hungary's largest racing club and [...]

Dolce Vita line, Tips line and more!

We wish you a Merry Christmas with this auction where you can find a selection of pigeons of best bloodlines!

Many important lofts, in Italy and all over the world, hold pigeons descending from Eros Carboni’s blood lines. His name is already a legend. His results can beat every kind of record. Mr Carboni’s pigeons have been at the top of the charts for more than